Peter Manson (1969-) is a poet and translator of poetry from Glasgow. With Robin Purves, Manson co-edited the poetry magazine, Object Permanence, from Glasgow, between 1994 and 1997, establishing vital transatlantic links between experimental poets from the UK and Ireland and the US. In October 2017, a symposium dedicated to Manson’s poetry and translations was held at the University of Glasgow, including an evening of celebratory readings and music, and a poetry reading by Manson. This special issue of the Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry collects essays extending many of the papers given that weekend.

Editors: Ellen Dillon (Guest Editor), Tom Betteridge (Guest Editor)


Following Manson
Following Manson

Ellen Dillon and Tom Betteridge

2020-04-02 Volume 12 • Issue 1 • 2020

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Special Issue: Peter Manson

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