Published: 30/03/21

Sean Bonney was a crucial part of contemporary poetry communities in the UK and internationally. This special issue on Bonney's work, edited by David Grundy and Jeff Hilson, aims to give a sense of the full richness of his career in poetry in its many different phases and dimensions, as well as taking into account Bonney’s unswerving commitment to political activism and to thinking through the relation of politics and aesthetics.

Published: 08/07/20

This special issue on Anna Mendelssohn/Grace Lake, edited by Eleanor Careless and Vicky Sparrow, is based on the proceedings of the Anna Mendelssohn Symposium, held at the University of Sussex in February 2017. The symposium took as its epigraph one of Mendelssohn’s titles: ‘Poetry does not deserve evil keepers’.

Published: 20/05/20

This special collection is based on the proceedings of the symposium ‘Peter Larkin: Poetry, Phenomenology, and Ecology’ which took place at the University of Warwick on 26th of April 2017. It was guest edited by Professor Emma Mason of the University of Warwick. A report detailing the symposium by Gabriel James de Sousa was published in Volume 11, Issue 1, 2019.

Published: 02/04/20

Each of the essays in this special issue tackles one or more of the questions that concern the interconnectedness of discourse about race and poetry in the UK and present new ways of thinking, each a unique vector intended to redress the rigid accepted boundaries of innovative poetry in the UK and within its wider largely Anglophone context.

Published: 10/09/19

Thomas A. Clark is a poet and visual artist born in Greenock, Scotland, in 1944, and currently living in Pittenweem, Fife. With his wife and collaborator, illustrator Laurie Clark, he is the co-founder of Cairn Gallery (1976), amongst the first artist-run gallery spaces in Britain. They also co-founded Moschatel Press (1973), a small-print press run from their home in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, and later from Pittenweem. In 2016, a symposium was held at the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh to dedicate a day to new research on Clark.

Published: 06/09/19

Peter Manson (1969-) is a poet and translator of poetry from Glasgow. With Robin Purves, Manson co-edited the poetry magazine, Object Permanence, from Glasgow, between 1994 and 1997, establishing vital transatlantic links between experimental poets from the UK and Ireland and the US. In October 2017, a symposium dedicated to Manson’s poetry and translations was held at the University of Glasgow, including an evening of celebratory readings and music, and a poetry reading by Manson.

Published: 05/09/18

This special issue on the theme of secrecy was edited by Jo Lindsay Walton and Ed Luker. The contributors all previously presented at the Secret Poetry Symposium, held at Northumbria University in Newcastle in April 2016, an event that was also reported on in this journal.

Published: 01/04/20

The five essays collected here began life as papers delivered to ‘New Papers in Contemporary British Poetry’, a conference we organised at the University of Dundee in March 2015. The explicit aim of that conference was to showcase new critical work on poets now living and working in Britain and to provide a platform for doctoral and early-career researchers in the field to disseminate their research.